Poor Vegas: Froch Foils Bute in R5

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Arts

No one is going to send any flowers of condolence to Las Vegas bookies, but a Round 5 KO by the Sheriff of Nottingham, Carl Froch, of Lucian Bute has everyone wondering: How was Bute a 2:1 favorite?

Froch even addressed it post-fight, but it was a closing statement that had his hands making plenty of talking points, potentially winning every round over the undefeated Romanian-Canadian. The hometown wonder electrified the crowd, using his fast hands, and also his head to out-box the technician Bute and take the IBF Super Middleweight Title.

Froch took several body shots, but never feared Bute’s power when the two squared up with one another, delivering blow after blow to the temple of Bute, leaving his legs seemingly liquified even before the final round. Bute seemed to be recovered after a flurry in the third, but Froch peppered the lesser-experienced southpaw late in the fourth and put things back on its eventual course.

With Bute-Ward now etched out, the contract reportedly dictates a mandatory re-match between the two, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one who believes Bute could avoid the left hook and uppercuts Froch delivered. Would a repeat performance queue up another showdown between Froch and Mikkel Kessler, also fresh off an impressive KO over Allan Green at light heavyweight?


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